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UEFA Women's Euro 2022 has released its NFT cards

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 kicked off last week and with a new experience - a collection of NFT cards. Created by the Berlin company FANZONE, the digital signature cards will celebrate the big sporting event in the UK. Working in collaboration with the DFB (The German Football Association), it will release one thousand packs on FANZONE for fans of the German women’s team.

The Euro 2022 digital autograph NFT collection is accessible to purchase right now! There is a bag for everyone with differing rate ranges and oddity degrees. They begin at €5.99 for formal bags with 5 cards to €59.99 for bags with three remarkable video cards.

More NFT packages will be available as the tournament progresses through the FANZONE platform. The rarity levels of Euro 2022 NFT cards are Rare, Epic and Legendary. Some of these include unique, never-before-seen exclusive content. Importantly, some video NFTs will feature unreleased footage from the documentary “Born for This – Mehr als Fußball”.

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