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Founded in 2021, SKAUT, formerly known for supporting young talented players in finding clubs, is now a project dedicated to expanding the NFT and Virtual Blockchain World space. Our mission is to apply these exciting new experiences and technologies to the world of sports.

In our first version, we offered various services to young players. One of them was "Promotion". Sport is different from previous years. We started to promote the player with NFT in February 2022. The most important part of the "Promotion" solution is the NFTs on the global agenda. Thus, we prepare NFT for athletes and distinguish them from others. NFTs have interesting properties: they are unique, provably, few, can be sold or tradeable and have value, and can be used in many applications.


This is really digital fanaticism. Fans will now be able to show their feelings and love by buying their NFTs. For athletes, this is a great tool for personal branding and reputation. Athletes will benefit from NFT sales.

During this time, we have successfully participated in the "Azerbaijan 500 ASAN Startup Program" project. The SKAUT founders participated in the Azerbaijan Investment & Culture Summit. At the end of 2021, an excellent presentation night took place. Our participation in the 2nd Incubation Program of the ABB Innovation Center continues with achievements.

Skaut 1.0

The mission of Scout 1.0 was to support children, young people and people with disabilities, stimulate their development and help to find talents.


Finding young talent was a priority for us, as many future stars in the reality of "Street Football" were losing their prospects and chances.

A football player who did not have the opportunity to show himself to top clubs and managers received the support he deserved from us thanks to our platform.


Remember, our story and the story of our transition to NFT starts here, more details coming soon ….

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There are many things that make SKAUT different from other NFT projects, but one of the main differences is that we are a sports platform. This means that the NFTs on our platform cover the world of sports only, and we rely on our experience as a specialized project in this field. Professional digital artists and official NFTs.

As a company, we are pleased to be at the center of this growing industry. We have future plans and goals. We will succeed!

We invite all sports fans to buy our NFTs and digitally convey their feelings to the athlete they are a fan of. Great work is ahead.

We will continue to invest in our core infrastructure while building the most accessible sport NFT market for fans, athletes and NFT investors.

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