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Web 3.0 technology at the Buenos Aires Marathon

The International Marathon Association (AIMS) put the Buenos Aires International Marathon on their calendar. They teamed up with Qurable, a Web 3.0 company that specializes in Token Gating Commerce, to create the first-ever custom finishers’ medal in token format. For the first time, participants can get a collectible digital medal that shows their finishing times and gives them access to special perks.

For the first time in marathon history, 8,750 personalized digital medals were awarded in token format to runners. Not only will these be immutably recorded in blockchain, but they will also enable new experiences for the finishers who treasure them.

The medal, which marathon finishers got for free, is a non-fungible token (NFT) that gives them access to different benefits and experiences.

It lets runners join Adidas’s AdiClub loyalty program, which gives them access to a running community, content, and even products that are only available to members. In the Web 3.0 world, this kind of experience is called “token gating,” because tokens are the doors to this bigger world.

"We founded Qurable convinced that web 3.0 will transform the way people interact, and this collaboration with Adidas proves just that. As a marathon runner, I value both small and big achievements, and having a personalized digital medal that certifies results in an unalterable way in the blockchain, seems fantastic to me. Even more so since the medal itself becomes the key to access unique benefits,"

explains Federico Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Qurable.

Reference sites for the article: Forbes Argentina and GlobeNewswire.


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