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Undefeated MMA Legend Khabib Teams Up With GMT

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the undefeated MMA legend, has announced the launch of his latest venture - the Khabib NFT Collection by GMT. This collection of unique non-fungible tokens comprises a set of specially designed mining rigs that offer holders access to private events hosted by Khabib several times a year or entry into his exclusive club.

The images featured in the collection are designed with attributes linked to Khabib's illustrious career, including quotes and other features associated with the champion. Each NFT is backed by a symbolic 29 TH/s, representing the same number of victories Khabib achieved in his professional MMA career. This computing power is generated by the fleet of mining devices owned by GMT, the company collaborating with Khabib on this project.

The computing power of these NFTs enables holders to receive Bitcoin effortlessly on a daily basis in two ways. Users can either hold an NFT and receive daily rewards or play a special "clicker" game within the pool, which allows them to join a community of hundreds of other players, increasing their chances of winning more rewards.

Khabib became an ambassador for GMT in October 2021 and has since closely followed the company's developments. He is passionate about technology and participating in meaningful projects that interest him personally. According to Khabib, the cornerstone and essence of the project - easy mining and the opportunity for ordinary people to earn without having to delve into the technical recesses of mining - are what he finds most appealing.

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