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SKAUT announces cooperation with GM Aydin Suleymanli

We are extremely excited to announce our exclusive multi-year partnership with the young rising grandmaster Aydin Suleymanli.

Olympic, World and two-time European Youth Chess Champion AYDIN has joined forces with SKAUT to offer a unique experience and a range of NFT collections for sale to chess fans around the world.

The first collection, which is planned to be presented at the beginning of this year, will feature the iconic design created in cooperation with AYDIN. "At the relationship with the fans is also very important to me to introduce new experiences, so the idea of offering exclusive offers and access to the community through this collaboration is something I want to be a part of," Suleymanli said. Then Suleymanli added that "I am happy as a chess player that this cooperation is one of the first in the Web3 industry both in Azerbaijan and in the world."

The first NFT collection will be released in February this year. Fans will be able to experience NFT for free by pre-registering. What will the lucky owners get from the chess player? Of course, he will get a chance to play chess in an online match with the grandmaster.

A second NFT collection will be released this spring, featuring three rarity tiers and each with its own distinct exclusive offerings. They are limited-edition, unique digital cards in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond that offer fans masterclasses, online and offline meet-and-greets-play chess, and most importantly, a shared community.

As part of the collaboration, NFT collections will feature highlights of the young grandmaster's career.

This cooperation is the beginning of the future for NFT, chess and Aydin Süleymanlı fans. More detailed information about the collections will be released to the public.

About Aydın Süleymanlı

Aydin Suleymanli (Azerbaijani: Aydın Süleymanlı) is an Azerbaijani chess player, international master (2019), grandmaster (2021).

In 2013, Aydin Suleymanli won the European Youth Chess Championship in the U08 age group in Budva and was awarded the title of Candidate Master (CM).

In 2017, he won the European Youth Chess Championship in the U12 age group in Mamaia and was awarded the title of FIDE Master (FM).

In the same year, he won the World Chess Olympiad among under-16 chess players held in Corum, Turkey, both as part of the Azerbaijan national team and on his own board.

In February 2020 Suleymanli came first in the Aeroflot Open. In 2021, he won the Niksic Memorial with a score of 8/9. Due to this victory, at the age of 16, he became the 27th grandmaster of Azerbaijan.

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