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SKAUT and Khazar Babazada Announce Partnership

Sports-NFT technology company SKAUT and international chess master, KHAZAR - Khazar Babazada today announced a new partnership that will bring together the world of chess and blockchain.

SKAUT has collaborated with Khazar Babazada, the rising star of chess in the World and in Azerbaijan, to create a series of NFT collections that reflect his memorable moves and milestones.

We sat down with SKAUT CEO Adil Huseynzada and Khazar Babazada to discuss the partnership and what it means for the future of chess and NFT.

Interview with Adil Huseynzada, CEO of SKAUT:

Q: How did this collaboration come about?

A: We were looking for a way to bring the excitement of chess to the NFT space in 2023, and as one of our next steps, Khazar Babazada was the perfect partner for us. He is a talented player, we are investing in him for the future.

Q: What can we expect from this partnership?

A: We create a range of NFT collections featuring iconic KHAZAR acts, memorable career moments and exclusive collections with a variety of offers. These collectibles will be a unique way for fans to connect with Khazar Babazada and the game of chess.

Q: What do you see as the future of NFTs in sports and gaming?

A: I think we are doing possible things with NFTs and looking for innovations. As more people become familiar with blockchain technology, we will see more opportunities for unique digital assets.

Interview with international chess master Khazar Babazada:

Q: How do you feel about this partnership?

K: I am excited to partner with SKAUT to bring chess to a wider audience. NFTs are a new and exciting way to connect with fans of the game. Through this, both the fan relationship is developed and it has a contribution to my personal brand.

Q: What moves and strategies will be featured in NFT collections?

K: We're still finalizing the details, but we'll be featuring some of my highlights that helped me become a successful chess player, as well as exclusive NFT cards that contain various offers. I think this will be a familiar path for SKAUT fans.

Q: What do you see as the future of chess and NFT?

K: I think this partnership is just the beginning. As more people become interested in the game of chess and the blockchain industry, we will see more opportunities to use NFTs to connect with fans and create unique digital assets. As mentioned, I am here for today and for the future.

The partnership between SKAUT and Khazar Babazada is just the beginning of what is possible in the world of chess and NFT. As both continue to grow in popularity, we can predict that we will see more innovative partnerships and unique digital assets in the future.


Khazar Babazada is an Azerbaijani chess player, international master (since 2022). According to the March 2023 ranking, he was ranked 19th among Azerbaijani chess players, 853rd among world chess players, and 66th in the "Top 100 Juniors" ranking.

In December 2020, Babazade announced "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" participated in the online international chess tournament and won the tournament with 8.5/11 points. In this tournament, he managed to surpass the grandmaster Nodirbek Abdusattarov with the same score in additional indicators.

In September 2022, he finished the tournament in the 6th place with a score of 7.5/11 at the Under-18 World Championship in Mamaia, Romania.

In November 2022, at the European Under-18 Championship in Antalya, Türkiye, he placed 3–8 with 6.5/9 points and finished the tournament in 7th place according to additional indicators.

You can find it on Wikipedia for more details.

Additional Information

You can also follow updates about cooperation on the SKAUT x KHAZAR page.

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