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Record-Breaking Sale: CryptoPunk #3100 Sells for Over $16 Million

A CryptoPunk #3100, known as one of the exclusive "Alien Punks," was recently sold for 4,500 ETH, equivalent to over $16 million. This sale marks the second-highest transaction ever recorded for a CryptoPunk, both in terms of U.S. dollars and ether.

The seller outbid the previous offer of 4,250 ETH, valued at $14.56 million, placed on March 1, securing the esteemed position of the second-highest ever sale on the CryptoPunks platform.

This tenacity shows just how passionate and determined some collectors are to own these one-of-a-kind NFTs. Additionally, the buyer’s wallet was created only four days prior, further highlighting their dedication to adding CryptoPunk #3100 to their collection.

CryptoPunk #3100 belongs to the exclusive Alien Punks subset, with only nine others in existence out of the 10,000-piece collection. These rare and coveted pieces often attract top bids, as seen with CryptoPunk #5822, another Alien Punk, which was sold for nearly $24 million earlier this year. With such limited numbers and high demand, it’s no wonder that CryptoPunks NFTs are continually breaking sales records.



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