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Mike Tyson will offer the NFT collection on August 19

On August 19th, "Iron Mike", "Kid Dynamite", and "The Baddest Man on the Planet" drops the digital collectibles on OpenSea. For this NFT Collection, Mike Tyson collaborated with emerging artist Cory Van Lew.

It’s gonna be a limited edition series of NFT’s featuring the iconic life and legacy of the world-famous professional boxer on the planet. For this collection, Cory Van Lew reimagined and interpreted the all-time greatest Mike Tyson moments and images.

You have to place a bid on one of these NFTs in order to win it. Since the price of these NFTs is set by bidding, there is no set price. The minimum price for the Lifetime Collection NFT is 0.5 ETH, while the minimum bid for The Ultimate Mike Tyson NFT is 2 ETH.

NFTs offer fans:

  • a trip to Tyson Ranch to meet “Iron” Mike,

  • a boxing lesson with the legend, a sparring session with training partners (with the former heavyweight champion as the winner’s cornerman),

  • a 4/20 session on the Hotboxin’ set,

  • a collector’s box, and a physical Cory Van Lew painting of one of his NFTs.

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection Includes:

  • The Ultimate Mike Tyson 1-of-1 NFT (1-of-1)

  • The Lifetime Collection (A limited set of 10 original 1-of-1 NFTs)

  • The Knockout Series (A limited set of 5 original NFTs - limited to 50 editions each)

  • The Baddest Man on the Planet (A single collector's edition NFT with 250 editions)

The “Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew” is now on OpenSea.

Mark your calendars for August 19th not to miss a truly iconic NFT Collection!



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