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Mark Zuckerberg special Little League baseball card: will also be an NFT

Mark Zuckerberg is highlighting Instagram’s expanded NFT support.

The founder and CEO took the opportunity of announcing expanded NFT support on Instagram to tell everyone his custom-made 1992 Little League baseball card is going on sale soon, with an NFT included as part of the deal.

The card, produced by Metropolis Comic Collect, will be published in NFT in the future. ComicConnect writes the following about it on its Instagram page:

Zuck had this card personally-made in 1992 and gave it to his favorite camp counselor, Allie Tarantino. Allie accepted the gift and playfully asked Mark to sign it, like a real baseball player. Mark enthusiastically agreed and now, 30 years later, the card has finally surfaced. In a world filled with high-value sports cards, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

The sale of this card will include documentation from multiple parties, including SGC, that authenticates the card’s manufacturing history, Mark Zuckerberg’s signature, and his attendance at Camp Elmwood. There will be an NFT of the card and all documentation made available as well.

The card and NFT will be auctioned by in September.

Stephen Fishler, founder and co-owner of ComicConnect noted that the back of the card listed Zuckerberg’s baseball stats.

"He weighed 48 lbs. He played infield. He hit 23 of 25 at-bats that season — a remarkable .920 batting average," Fishler said.
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