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Liverpool launches $LFC Fan Token

Wellesley Grove, England, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Football has been an appealing and heart throbbing sport for nations around the globe for ages. People always have passion, attraction, and love for their favorite players and teams and love to carry cards, keychains, wallpapers, merchandise, and other hold able accessories of the most loveable player.

With the curtain-raiser of NFT in the market where everything has changed, sensations to articulate with sports players have also become popular immensely. Fan Token $LFC is a digital currency for sports and entertainment for LIVERPOOL Fans to purchase NFT players and list on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Where the renowned soccer club - LIVERPOOL always does something unusual for the fans, this time LIVERPOOL is offering incredible stuff to bring the fans closer to their favorite and dearest club and athletes.

Fan Tokens are the digital pass to the teams. Unlike normal memberships, Fan Tokens never expire and fans can use them to purchase NFT players and list on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. LIVERPOOL releases an exclusive collection of 6'000 unique NFTs that will give owners exclusive access to the game as each NFT represents a character playable in the club. LIVERPOOL Fan Token will implement a Staking product so that $LFC token holders can earn passive profits with high APY.

LIVERPOOL Fan Token - based on BSC and contract address has verified on the BSC scan. BSC's dual-chain architecture empowers the user to build the decentralized app and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange. LIVERPOOL Fan Token is a community fan token, and the project develops in the direction of an NFT player in LIVERPOOL and combines decentralized exchange, integrating Enhanced Privacy. LIVERPOOL Fan Token has a 5% buy and 5% sell tax, this tax is spent on marketing and buying back $LFC token. In addition to the fantastic AUDIT, it also scores 100/100 on the token sniffer due to the renounced contract and no dangerous functions hidden in the source. This non-fungible token will bring the fans closer to the LIVERPOOL and at the same time, allows the fans to not only have it but at the same time make money from it in the digital NFT marketplace.

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