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AFL’s first limited-edition NFTs sells out in under 12 hours

The Australian Football League (AFL)’s first limited edition drop of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) saw huge takeup on Wednesday, selling out in just under 12 hours.

The Australian Football League (AFL) released its limited edition NFTs, dubbed Ripper Skipper 2022, on 17 August. The NFTs represent 78 major moments from the 2021 season to collect and featured captains from the 18 teams in the league.

On the basis of information by Cointelegraph, the AFL unveiled “Ripper Skipper 2022” through its AFL mint initiative, which allows people to buy one of the 3,800 packs reserved for the drop. The packs carry a retail price of US Dollar Coin (USDC) of 34.39 for every pack, with the project estimated to have raised more than $130,000 is USDC. Each pack features three moments in a trio of different rarity tiers, common, deluxe and ovation.

Along with presence of limited edition digital content, anyone who participated in the first drop has a 10% chance of getting an AFL Mint Genesis Ball. With the first mint sold out within hours of its unveiling, investors will be able to gain access to another drop.

According to Cointelegraph, AFL has plans to expand on the initiative and offer game day events, tickets and opportunity to connect with players in metaverse.

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