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SKAUT for becoming a Regional Finalist -Best Web3.0 Startup from Euro Asia Region - Azerbaijan!

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to announce that SKAUT has been elected as a Regional Finalist in the "Best Web3.0 Startup" category from the "Euro Asia Region" - Azerbaijan! This recognition reflects our dedication and innovative efforts in the Web3.0 space, and we are honored to represent our region on this prestigious platform.

To secure a spot in the Global-level Competition, we need your support through public voting. Every vote counts and brings us one step closer to winning this esteemed title.

Here’s how you can help:

Your support in spreading the word and gathering votes is crucial. More details on public voting can be found below.

Steps to Vote:

2. Use Filters and Search: Use the filters and search bar to find "SKAUT".

3. Just vote for us: Enter the relevant information and complete your vote.

Also, you can help us a lot by sharing the voting link among your friends. This can be a success for all of us!

Key Points to Remember:

👉 Public Voting is equivalent to one Jury's ranking, so every vote is vital.

👉 The People's Choice Award goes to the applicant with the highest number of public votes.

👉 Public Voting runs parallel to the Jury Board Ranking, both deciding the Regional Winners.

👉 Regional Winners automatically become Global Finalists and compete on the Global Level.

We are excited about this opportunity and invite you to join us on this journey. Your votes and support can make a significant difference!

Vote for SKAUT and Help Us Reach the Global Stage!

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards,

The SKAUT Team
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