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Skaut Global

Skaut Global's mission is to support children's, youth and people with disabilities, stimulate their development and help find talent. Finding young talents is a priority for us. In the reality of "street football", many future stars lose their prospects and chances.

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All About Me

A player who does not have the opportunity to show himself to the top clubs and managers, thanks to our platform, will be able to take the step he or she wants to get the support their deserves. The project is mainly aimed at children's and youth football. Focusing on women's football is one of our goals. Age groups targeted by the project: U7 - U23.

Team members have professional knowledge in the field. We want to show quality work by obtaining the certificates of the English Football Association. We are able to work with talents by acquiring Talent Identification certificates.

Safety is an important factor in children's football. For this reason, the team members have received a UEFA certificate in this area. In addition, in the seminars, we gained knowledge about child psychology and its impact on their performance.

Our Advantages


Gender Equality

It is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world


Global Scale

Tracking from more than 120 countries around the world


Skill Sharing

We promote young people in various ways


Growing Network

Skaut has a growing connection in the community of athletes

Contact us.

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This is your official application to Skaut. Don't forget to check your mailbox. Skaut staff will send you a reply soon. After examining the wishes and problems, a contract can be signed during a meeting.


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