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Web3 Soccer Game MonkeyLeague Auctions AC Milan NFTs

Following a significant partnership with the illustrious AC Milan of Italy, MonkeyLeague is getting ready to auction off its first sponsored in-game items. On October 6, 16 limited-edition, vintage AC Milan monkey NFTs that honour two pivotal occasions in the team’s history will be auctioned off.

The lucky winner of each auction will also receive a signed AC Milan jersey and VIP tickets to a match at the club’s San Siro stadium, making these MonkeyPlayer NFTs the rarest in the MonkeyLeague.

This month, the MonkeyLeague Web3 soccer game in Solana will auction off 16 unique MonkeyPlayer NFTs. The sale, which follows last month’s announcement of a collaboration with the venerable Italian soccer team AC Milan, will happen on October 6 on the Magic Eden marketplace.

This specific auction includes 16 super Limited Edition Retro AC Milan Monkey NFTs that pay homage to AC Milan’s 1993/94 & 1995/96 teams!

AC Milan’s 1993-94 team brought three trophies home during this season, including the Serie A (their 3rd consecutive), the Supercoppa Italiana, and the UEFA Champions League, while also achieving runner-up status in the European Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.

Their 1995-96 season was a legendary one, where greats like Ambrosini, Coco, and Locatelli all made their debuts for the first team. That year AC Milan had built their team back up and came into the season strong, with a title race that was neck-and-neck until the end where they won the Serie A!

These Retro MonkeyPlayers are the most exclusive and rare AC Milan Monkey NFTs with highly rare Appearances and killer game skills and perks!

The NFTs for sale will rank among MonkeyLeague’s most valuable as well as rarest items. Each retro MonkeyPlayer will gain improved gaming abilities, and its owner will also get unspecified additional in-game benefits.

Holding MonkeyLeague’s top NFT assets will be essential for aspirant champions because it is a turn-based, play to earn game. These unique retro characters can be sold on Solana-based NFT markets like Magic Eden in addition to making it simpler to pick up the virtual silverware in the game.

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