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Professional Fighters League and CrossTower Partner to Offer NFT Tickets

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), a rapidly growing and innovative sports league, has partnered with CrossTower, a global Web3 technology company, to introduce exclusive NFT VIP experiences for PFL fans. These experiences will be built on the blockchain XRP Ledger (XRPL), offering a unique and secure platform.

As part of the upcoming PFL Regular Season event on June 23rd at OTE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, CrossTower and PFL will release a limited number of NFT VIP tickets. By purchasing these tickets, fans will gain access to unprecedented VIP experiences. This includes exclusive SmartCage-side seating, attending the PFL's ceremonial weigh-in on the day prior to the event, and opportunities to meet and interact with the fighters. VIP ticket holders will also enjoy perks such as a dedicated VIP entrance, access to hospitality services within the arena, exclusive behind-the-scenes PFL content, and special discounts and pre-sales for future events.

Moreover, select purchasers of the NFT VIP tickets will have a chance to step inside the PFL SmartCage, walk alongside the fighters during their ring-walk, and capture memorable photos.

“We’re pleased to introduce our partnership with CrossTower to bring our PFL fans premium VIP experiences through blockchain technology,” said PFL CEO Peter Murray. “NFT ticketing creates a new way for PFL fans to engage with live PFL events, combining access to -buy experiences, real-world utility and digital ticketing.”

“CrossTower is honored to partner with PFL to offer enhanced ticketing experiences to PFL fans. These experiences have never been offered before to the PFL fanbase and we are thrilled to bring this exclusive access to PFL customers,” said Kapil Rathi, CEO of CrossTower.

NFT VIP tickets can be purchased starting May 23rd at

The article refers to the official newsletter of the PFL and you can read the original here.

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