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Judoverse: The International Judo Federation has entered the NFT world

For the first time ever, The International Judo Federation has entered the world of NFTs, by officially licensing over 30,000 uniquely generated collectables that feature one of five characters (lion, tiger, bear, gorilla, dog) in a piece of digital art on the polygon Blockchain. is the official retailer of IJF's Digital Arts in co-operation with IJF and the

Director General of IJF Vlad Marinescu said of the NFT project:

“NFT is the future. In judo we are always defining the future. It’s only evident that we should be ahead of the curve and together with technology.“

You will own full intellectual properties of purchased NFT and have various kinds of perks and benefits related to the IJF World Judo Tour.

You can learn more about it in on

Trait Rarity

NFTs are divided into five parts, DIAMOND 300 pcs (1 %), PLATINUM 1200 pcs (4 %), GOLD 4500 pcs (15 %), SILVER 9000 pcs (30 %) and BRONZE 15000 pcs (50 %).

The actual benefits of NFTs are:

  • Diamond

1 year free access to Judo TV*

One-time WJT* event VIP accreditation

1 World Championship VIP accreditation for 10 randomly-selected owners

  • Platinum

1 year free access to Judo TV*

One-time WJT* event VIP accreditation

VIP accreditation for 30 randomly-selected owners

  • Gold

1 year free access to Judo TV*

Two ticket to any WJT* event for 250 randomly-selected people

  • Silver

1 year free access to Judo TV*

One ticket to any WJT* event for 300 randomly-selected people

  • Bronze

1 year free access to Judo TV*

IJF has two goals or objectives in this project

They believe that the NFTs are an excellent tool for the promotion and development of judo, as well as an opportunity for our community to benefit and grow.

Second, selling products to invest the proceeds in the development of judo, such as buying and sending materials to developing countries, therefore developing the practice of judo around the world.

Buying Process

You can buy Judo World NFT with EUR. First create your account. The price of the tokens is 60 MATIC, which is approximately 60 euros in euro equivalent. You can buy the NFTs in the shop at a daily EUR/MATIC rate.

Buy your Judo World NFT with debit/credit card.

You can buy up to 10 NFTs per transaction. Learn more about it in FAQ.

The smart contract will mint the NFTs to the shop wallet. You can then transfer the tokens to your own wallet in the "Your account" section.

Users can even mint NFTs

Follow these simple steps to mint Judo World NFT-s:

Get Metamask - Download and install the mobile app or desktop browser plugin called Metamask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your MATIC(polygon) account. If you just made a new account, buy some MATIC.

Choose Network - Select MATIC (polygon) in Metamask to be able to mint IJF NFT-s.

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