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First: Water polo joins the NFT trend

On September 10, the first NFT project in the world that is only about water polo will start, with the goal of bringing together online water polo fans. “KAP7 Polo Heads,” a collaboration between KAP7 and well-known water polo artist Alex Banerer, aims to help water polo projects all over the world by giving them access to funding and equipment that will help the sport grow all over the world.

Along with the goal of expanding water polo projects, individual holders will have access to some of the sport’s biggest stars, like Eletheria Plevritou, Sabrina van der Sloot, and Bronte Halligan. The community manager will be Maud Meggens, who has been to the Olympics twice and won the European Championship. Holders will also get discounts on new KAP7 products and be able to try them out on the road.

The founder of KAP7, Brad Schumacher, said this about the project:

““Polo Heads” is a great way to involve our most dedicated and die-hard water polo fans in our goal to make the sport better and better in the digital age.”

Calum Anderson, the technical lead for the project at Access Labs, said,

“we have seen how passionate and vocal the water polo community is and we are excited to bring this vision for the sport to life.”

Thanks to the hard work of the Access Labs team, Polo heads can now be bought with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Like any other product, Polo heads can also be bought on the KAP7 website with a credit card.

Source: You can learn more about this news by visiting the NFT News Pro website.

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