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FIFA Launches Virtual Ecosystem in Roblox Ahead of World Cup Qatar 2022

The Global Football Organization (FIFA) declared the send off of its virtual environment, ‘FIFA World,’ in the Roblox metaverse. It wants to get more people interested in football by giving them games, immersive experiences, and special rewards.

In a delivery, FIFA expressed that the send off of the virtual climate in Roblox is in front of the forthcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“As part of our commitment to grow football and develop ways for new fans to engage with the sport, FIFA’s immersive experience will provide football fans with a hugely exciting new way to interact with friends, celebrate the rich culture and heritage around the world’s biggest sports competition, and demonstrate their creativity and national pride through various features and mechanics,”

said FIFA Chief Business Officer, Romy Gai.

“FIFA believes that such a multi-layered experience will result in a truly inclusive and fun gameplay – in turn, engaging new and existing football fans from across the globe, as well as promoting the values of the sport to an even broader audience.”

FIFA has shown attention in the metaverse in the past. It sent the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a new patent application at the end of July to register the 2026 World Cup in the metaverse and virtual sports products.

The FIFA World will also home bespoke video content, built from FIFA+’s extensive library, alongside exciting in-game events, while Spain star Pedri and German icon Lena Oberdorf will feature within.

In the release, FC Barcelona star Pedri also talked about how happy he was.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see FIFA and Roblox come together, and I can’t wait to be a part of the FIFA World as it continues to evolve! The football fans I see in the stands every week love gaming and it’s great to be taking the FIFA World Cup to them in the digital space and interacting with them directly in our Roblox world.”

Germany and Vfl Wolfsburg midfielder, Lena Oberdorf, added:

“Fans are the lifeblood of our game, and so to be involved in this project as we meet them in the world of Roblox is a hugely exciting opportunity. We love celebrating with the fans, and now we can do it in FIFA World as well as on the pitch. It’s fantastic to see FIFA and Roblox using this opportunity to give a huge platform to the women’s game, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the experience in 2023 as we head to Australia and New Zealand.”

Last September, FIFA presented its “FIFA + Gather” stage, based on the Algorand blockchain, and will be accessible toward the finish of September. It will show authentic assortments of soccer achievements, World Cup, and Ladies’ Reality Cup workmanship pieces.

Christina Wootton, VP of Worldwide Organizations at Roblox, added:

“We think finding and partaking in occasions along with companions from everywhere the globe is an extraordinary encounter that frequently can’t be reproduced in the actual world. With FIFA World, fans can meet up to celebrate and communicate their being a fan with each other, support their number one groups, and gain admittance to FIFA’s top games all year.”
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