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David Gower will launch the NFT series

Gower thinks that NFTs are a great way to remember important moments in the history of the sport.

He said, “I think there is great potential to look at epic moments from way back.” He further added, “Remember that history is longer than a week. There is so much that we remember fondly.”

David Gower is a cricket commentator and the former captain of England’s cricket team. He is working on an NFT series about the great cricket players of the past with a techie from India, the cricketer said.

Gower told Today, on the sidelines of the International Advertising Association Conference,

“I am learning about NFTs. I’m actually in discussion with a colleague in California. An entrepreneur, a visionary from that part of the world, Indian born. Let’s call him Raju because that’s what he calls himself. But anyway, we’re working with Raju on developing some NFTs, hoping to improve on what I can see already on the market.”

The former captain of England’s cricket team also said that the NFTs wouldn’t just look at his career, but also the careers of people who played cricket at the same time as him. He noted,

“The idea would be to get a lot of my ex colleagues, ex opponents, if they’re willing to be part of this. My next task as a potential partner in this project is to start talking to people in my address book from all over the world, whether it be Australia, from here (India), from UK, West Indies.”

He also stressed on his plans to rope in popular cricketer Viv Richards in this endeavour. He said,

“One of the great names that I played against, I still see every now and again, is the great man himself, Sir Viv Richards, former captain of West Indies. If you have someone like Viv, who of course is very popular all around the world, here in India, Pakistan, West Indies, Australia, and you get someone like him involved in a project like this willingly, then it is a good start.”
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