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Chicago Bulls to Release NFT Reimagining Its Iconic Logo

The collection involved NFT artists and designers such as Bobby Hundreds, Deadfellaz and Ghxsts working together to redesign the NBA logo, which has not changed since 1966.

The Chicago Bulls are releasing a new NFT collection later this month featuring "1-of-1" artworks designed by several well-known artists tasked with reimagining the National Basketball Association team's iconic logo. The logo was created by commercial designer Dean Wessel, who was offered free tickets to a game in exchange for the now-synonymous image. The non-fungible token works won't replace the logo but are the first official invitation from the organization to envision a different branding.

Through the initiative, the Chicago Bulls have employed the services of 23 prominent NFT artists, with each one re-interpreting its infamous brand identity and presenting it in a new light. The result being, ‘THE AUROCHS’ collection, which is set to debut on the Coinbase NFT marketplace at 7pm UTC on September 22.

Some of the greatest artists in the NFT sphere have lent their considerable talents to the project, including Deadfellaz, Gxng Yxng, Mike Fogg, LOGIK, Shay the Surrealist, and many more. Every artist has created a piece with a highly unique take on the mighty white, black and red raging bull logo. As a result, Coinbase will host a 24-hour auction for all 23 1/1 artworks, with a starting bid of 0.2 ETH.

Following the sale, Coinbase will split the proceeds four ways, with the artists and the bulls receiving 40% each, the NBA taking away 10% and the rest reserved for ‘After School Matters’. A Chicago-based non-profit charity with a goal to help underprivileged youth.

The Bulls previously released a Legacy NFT Collection in July 2021, consisting of several images representing the team's six World Championship rings. The collection offered exclusive benefits for owners of multiple NFTs, including a "Bull for a Day" VIP meet-and-greet experience and courtside seats.

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