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  • What is an NFT?
    NFTs prove ownership of a unique digital asset like art, music, collectibles, videos or anything else with blockchain technology. NFTs can be anything digital. Literally anything can be tokenized, including a photograph which is special to you, one of your tweets, or a two second video of yourself (yes, there are such NFTs). If you buy a physical painting, you know it’s real because you see the artist’s signature on the canvas. Somebody can photocopy the painting, but they don’t own it — you do. Before NFTs, digital assets were like photocopies: You can see who posted something, but you can’t see who owns an Instagram post, Pinterest Pin or Reddit meme. NFTs are like a signature for digital items: They authenticate ownership of digital assets like art, collectibles, music, videos, in-game assets, and more. Just like physical certificates, they document: Who created it When it was created Who bought it (and when) The price(s) it solds for Who owns it now (Technically, NFTs can contain any data the creator wants to include, but the above are most relevant.) Source: Rarible, NFT Plazas
  • What is a wallet? Why do I need one?
    Crypto wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Your physical wallet probably contains your money, a form of ID, and maybe pictures of your loved ones. Your crypto wallet does that on a blockchain. It has an “ID” (a long string of numbers and letters), your cryptocurrencies and any NFTs you bought with those cryptocurrencies. There are a number of wallet providers, including Metamask (the most popular and easy to use), Fortmatic, Coinbase and Rainbow, among others. How do I choose the right wallet? Wallets are free, so experiment to find the provider you like most. If you want, you can even import your wallet into another provider’s software with your seed phrase. MetaMask is one of the most popular options for the Ethereum blockchain, existing as both a mobile app and a browser extension. Fortmatic is one of the easiest wallets for newcomers, as it allows you to create one using your email address. Rainbow Wallet offers a great visual experience and browsing tools. Coinbase is a popular wallet that allows you to create a business account. Source: Rarible, Coinbase
  • What does SKAUT have to do with NFT?
    SKAUT has many NFT collections. We have started to build an NFT collection for both our players and other players.
  • When and where are SKAUT NFTs released?
    The launch of SKAUT NFT starts in February 2022. First of all, we will release NFTs for our players. Then NFTs of different types and topics will be released. Our NFTs readily available on the Opensea platform. You will need an Ethereum wallet to hold your SKAUT NFTs.
  • I'm an athlete and I want to have NFT. What can I do?
    Just contact us here. And we will contact you.
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