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Supercopa de España NFTs sold out in 1 hour

SuperCup of Spain NFT Collection on OpenSea sold out all 473 NFTs in less than an hour after launch. 3D Factory released the NFT collection on January 15 at 11 AM (GST) in collaboration with TNC Art and in conjunction with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Afterward, 3D Factory and TNC Art will release another NFT collection in February 2023.

The SuperCup of Spain NFT Collection was launched to commemorate the Spanish Super Cup, a football tournament hosted by the RFEF. The tournament featured the winners and runners-up of the 2021-2022 La Liga and Copa del Rey. FC Barcelona won the tournament from January 11 to 15, defeating Real Madrid, Valencia, and Real Betis for their fourteenth Super Cup title.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona comprised the NFT Collection, the two finalists of the Spanish Super Cup. There were a total of 253 Real Madrid NFTs and 220 FC Barcelona NFTs, for a total of 473 SuperCup of Spain NFTs.

To attract potential customers, the SuperCup of Spain NFTs were carefully made with details like jersey number, players’ field position, country, and club to show support for the teams and wish them luck in winning. Each of these had its own set of search filters on OpenSea.

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