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StepN Announces NFT Collaborative Launch With Atlético de Madrid

Using its “move-to-earn” running software, StepN has teamed up with the Spanish soccer club Atlético de Madrid and the all-in-one crypto exchange WhaleFin to offer a new collection of 1,001 soccer boot NFTs.

StepN is a move-to-earn app operating on the Solana blockchain. Users accrue points based on the distance they run, which is tracked through GPS, and then receive rewards in crypto tokens for their progress. The rewards are credited to the user's wallet as Green Satoshi Tokens (GST).

Users must first buy a shoe NFT on Solana before they can start collecting rewards with the StepN app.

Each of the 1,001 soccer boots in Atlético de Madrid’s new collection falls into one of three different groups: common, uncommon, or rare. The 850 common boots are themed around the club’s national and international titles, the 140 uncommon boots are inspired by the club’s stadiums and the 11 rare boots are a reference to the starting squad.

Each of the 1,001 pairs of boots is a “Genesis” model, which, like the previous Genesis shoes, gives its owner special benefits in the StepN and app. The people who own them can also get prizes in WhaleFin’s app.

Each NFT holder is entered into a drawing for a trip to Madrid, Spain, with a hotel and tickets to an Atlético de Madrid game at Civitas Metropolitano.

The owner of a rare boot will get an autographed shirt, and the owner of a regular boot will get the club’s official shirt.

WhaleFin, the all-in-one platform to buy, sell, trade, and invest in crypto. You can buy coins with as little as US$1, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

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