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For Alzheimer's Charity - Sir Geoff Hurst's NFT Collection of 1966 World Cup Memorabilia

  • Sir Geoff Hurst’s debut NFT collection, ‘The Everlasting Memory,’ is now available on Rarible.

  • The NFTs are minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • ­­­­Sir Geoff Hurst NFT represents recollections of England’s famous World Cup victory over West Germany in 1966

The debut NFT collection, ‘The Everlasting Memory‘ by World Cup veteran Sir Geoff Hurst is now available on Rarible. The open edition collection will benefit two charities close to Sir Geoff’s heart: the Alzheimer’s Society, and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The NFTs celebrate England’s stunning World Cup triumph against West Germany in 1966. In addition to the open edition NFTs, a unique 1-of-1 NFT will be available on December 16, 2022

Sir Geoff Hurst says memories fade, but the 1966 World Cup is unforgettable. He considers himself fortunate to be able to recall that life-changing incident at the age of 80. Plus,he is disheartened to learn that members of his World Cup-winning squad have been affected by the terrible disease Alzheimer’s. For him, these individuals were more than comrades. Likewise, they were heroes to the rest of the country.

The collection ‘The Everlasting Memory‘ by Reeps One will immortalize a momentous occasion in international football and benefit a worthwhile cause. Only three members of England’s epic 1966 squad are still living, including Sir Geoff Hurst, with many of England’s football legends succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease.

Creators of the world-famous Voice Gems system, Harry Yaffe and Trung Bao are responsible for the artwork made by Sir Geoff’s Vocal Memory. A system of two hundred thousand particles that transforms voice recordings into one-of-a-kind, world-class sculptures. The duo is gathering the most iconic voices and recollections from throughout the world for the Voice Gems 1000 Year Archive.

More information can be found on Rarible and the collection's official website.


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