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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Deji Olatunji First Boxing Match Streamed In The Metaverse

The recent Global Titans event in Dubai, UAE on November 13th headlined by Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji Olatunji was the first-ever boxing event streamed live in the Metaverse.

Forbes reports that, MetaVerseBooks is one of the first companies to build a fully functional entertainment platform in the metaverse and was responsible for streaming the fight. The ticket price to attend and watch the event in MVB Worlds metaverse was $14.99.

The Floyd Mayweather bout was noted as being a huge success in the metaverse and the company will start promoting the second Mayweather fight in December for the February fight.

Delence A. Sheares Sr., CEO of MetaVerseBooks commented prior to the event.

“We are delighted to be the first tech company to put on a world-class boxing match in the metaverse and make history with Floyd Mayweather.”

The arena is designed to deliver unparalleled virtual experiences, ranging from concerts to comedy, sports, corporate events, performance art and more. Performers are motion captured in studio in advance of the performance and converted to life-identical avatars to generate an immersive consumer experience in the virtual world. Each nuance and subtle aspect of their performance is reflected in the productions.

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